Brisbane Tattoo Artists

Since 2009 Seventh Circle Studio’s tattoo artists have been creating high quality tattoos in our Woolloongabba studio. Our creative process ensures that your tattoo is just as you envisaged, and that you absolutely love it.

The Seventh Circle team consists of some of the best tattoo artists in Brisbane. All are extremely talented both technically and artistically, allowing you to feel completely comfortable during your tattoo experience. We take your hygiene and comfort very seriously, which is why we encourage appointments to increase privacy and prevent distractions.

All of our tattoo artists possess a variety of skills and are fluent in most tattoo styles. Each artist applies their own unique approach to custom work, guaranteeing that each piece is also an original. Samples of each artist’s work can be viewed by clicking on the artist’s name above. You can also check out more recent work on our Instagram page.

Once you have decided which artist best suits your ideas, it is best to arrange a consultation with that artist. If you are unsure about which artist to book with, please feel free to ask and we’ll determine who would be most suitable. At the consultation, you can discuss all of the design elements as well as establish an appointment. Consultations ensure we get everything just right, and create the best tattoo based on your own ideas.

For any questions or to book an appointment, please contact us.
For a faster turnaround, please call us or visit the studio.