Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions


Age Restrictions

By QLD Law, you must be over the age of 18 to be tattooed. ID will be required. No ifs, no buts!


All bookings must be made in person or via email as a deposit is required. This also gives you the opportunity to meet the artist & discuss ideas with them in person. Absolutely no bookings will be made via Facebook or Instagram. *Exceptions for those who are from interstate/overseas.


Minimum deposit is $50 – $150. Deposits are held & included in your final session & may not be used any earlier. Deposits are non-refundable.

PayPal Deposits

For deposits made by PayPal please call or email once you have paid your deposit to let management know it’s on its way.

Our PayPal email is


Cancellations within 48 business hours of a booking may result in forfeit of deposit. Please give the studio at least 2 business days notice if you are rescheduling. Cancelations will not be accepted via Voicemail, Instagram or Facebook.


We accept cash only however, we have ATM facilities in the studio for your convenience.


You are more than welcome to come into the studio for a quote & brief discussion about tattoo ideas & designs. In most cases, a proper sit-down ½ hour consult/sketch is not required unless the tattoo artist specifically requests it. In that case we will organise a consult for you 1 – 2 weeks prior to your tattoo appointment.

Tattoos we do not do

We do not tattoo faces, hands/palms, necks or throats (all depending on the persons age/job & current coverage of existing tattoos). We do not tattoo pregnant woman, underage people with consent of their parents, jerks & screamers/whingers – tattoos hurt, sit down & take it.


We offer aftercare instructions in studio. Any information you need about looking after your tattoo can be found on our leaflet on the front desk, free for you to take & read.

How & when to contact us

We are open 11am – 6pm Tuesday – Saturday, CLOSED Sundays & Mondays. Call and visit us within these hours only.

How to get to the studio

The entrance is located next to the Stanley Street entrance of a restaurant called “Bird Cage”. As we are a private studio we have very little signage, look out for a glass door with a white frame and head up the stairs to level two (the top level).